We Say No to VRBO

We say no to STR Hotels in Residential Neighborhoods

Bringing awareness of the dangers of short term rentals 


An out of state company from Nebraska bought our neighbor's home in our Lochwood neighborhood, and converted it to an hotel/corporate Retreat in August of 2020 during the pandemic.  This business has been operating for a short time, and it quickly became a nuisance, having adverse effects on the community,  as the occupancy went from 2 people to 22 people. 


This experience is not an isolated incident as this is occuring throughout Dalla's residential neighborhoods as these companies expand their portfolios and commercialize our neighborhoods as the city has yet to enforce code which prohibits hotels in residential districts.  

"My husband drove up to Lowe’s and saw two cars of 10 young people exiting and leaving that property around noon. It sure appears they rented it as a party house.





"I saw a large crowd in the front drive and yard and the front door open where the booming music could be heard."





"We live around the corner on Fernald and drove by yesterday. There were 20 cars out front and more pulling up to the house. Looked like some 20 something girls standing out front. "

Neighbor's Comments

More concerning comments here

Homes not Hotels  

Dangers of Short Term Rentals

Rich getting Richer and Decreasing Affordable Housing

Short term rental (STR) Hotels reduce the quality of life of neighborhoods because of an increase in late night activity, partying, noise, crime, litter, property damage, fire danger, loitering, public urination, vehicles parked on the street, and other issues that harm the quality of life of these residential areas.


These quality of life issues are made worse because there is not a property owner, full time resident, or staff member onsite to regulate the activities of hotel guests.

Whole House Hotel Rentals in residential neighborhoods are many times illegal hotels.  Dallas Regulates where Hotels can be located through zoning.  Short Term Rentals are classified as a Hotel by the City of Dallas and the State of Texas.  Dallas set aside Commercial and Mixed Use Areas where Hotels are allowed to operate. 


Wealthy STR Owners & Companies are operating illegal STR Hotels in residential neighborhoods.  They are converting housing meant for Dallas Residents into Hotels which is an illegal land use.  


We are looking to have the city enforce zoning which states all hotels are to be located in Commercial & Mixed Use Areas, not Residential Neighborhoods.  


Why do we let these wealthy Hotel Owners  break our laws?   

"It's really the rich who are getting richer off of this situation," says Richards. "Airbnb has run so rampant across the entire city that there's barely any rentals left for locals, and the rentals that are available are skyrocketing in price."


The link between Airbnb, rising rents and homelessness is not debatable


Zoning laws protect affordable housing.  With STR Operators ignoring zoning laws that hotels are prohibited in residential areas, they take away housing built for Dallas Residents.  


Tell City Council to ENFORCE/ AFFIRM Dallas zoning which Bans (STR) Hotels in residential neighborhoods  

Put Dallas Families and our Citizens before out of state companies!  

Stop this blatant violation of our property rights! 

The City of Dallas defines Short Term Rentals as a Hotel 



How is the Short Term Rental (STR) Hotel in my neighborhood  illegal?  

The City of Dallas has restrictions in their zoning which prohibits lodging operations (hotels) from operating in Single Family and Residential Housing Districts. Lodging is permitted in non-residential areas of Dallas;  these include Multiple Commercial and Non-Residential Mixed-Use (MO-1, MO-2, GO(A), MU-1, MU-2, MU-3, MC-1, MC-2, MC-3, MC-4) Districts. 


Companies are profiting off of the tax-paying residents who created and live in our beautiful neighborhoods by not following the law and operating hotels in prohibited areas of Dallas.  This is our case in our neighborhood where an out of state company from Nebraska, opened a Short Term Rental Hotel for 22 people out of our old neighbor's 4 bedroom home in August 2020 DURING THE PANDEMIC.  This hotel has reduced the quality of life of the neighbors who live nearby.  See here for the problems caused to the community in the short 5 months it has been in operation.


STR Hotels are costing Dallas Tax Payers.  A sample set audit of 41 STR Hotels cost Dallas Tax Payers an estimated $925,000 annually.  This has an estimated cost of under $23K per STR Hotel Annually. With over 4,100 estimated STR Hotels in Dallas, it is not sustainable for Dallas Tax Payers to be subsidizing STR Hotels.     




"This needs to be nipped in the bud! I've seen a neighborhood in Austin completely ruined because of these type of investors."   

Here Are the Land Use Property Types which Support Lodging: 

MU-1, MU-2, MU-3, MC-1, MC-2, MC-3, MC-4.  R-7.5(A) is not among them.  This is the coding for the single family residential property on Midlake Dr.

A Nebraska Company bought our neighbor's 4 bedroom home and turned it into an STR Hotel and Corporate Retreat (sleeping 22 comfortably), offering Massage, Yoga classes, Cooking classes, Group Photography classes and Group Art projects to it's guests.  

This house is zoned for Single Family Residential Use - R-7.5 (A)

Single Family Residential Districts are to be composed of Single-Family Dwellings, Schools, Churches and Parks.  Hotels are prohibited for these districts.  

The Lochwood Neighbors asked code to look into the illegal land use of the STR Hotel and Corporate Retreat for 22 people the Nebraska Company Set up in a prohibited area.  

Code closed the ticket and found No Violation.  

"Most disturbing is that investor thinks nothing of those who surround their property, that's the 1st offense... 2nd would be to list it as a Airbnb 3rd that it's listed during a pandemic-Covid19 for partying purposes-where do these partiers come from? "

You can have a Back-House but it is not to be used as a Rental or adversly affect neighboring properties. 


The Dallas Morning News contacted the Nebraska owner of the Midlake STR Hotel for comment.  After this contact, the advertisements on VRBO and Airbnb were taken down on 1/14/2021.  They also put a monthly renter in the house starting January 2021.  Don't let this out of state company return this house to a Hotel!  

Out of State Owner

These STR Hotels are a threat to our single family zoned neighborhoods.  


Some of you will remember the boarding houses of the past.  These are no different.  And you will remember the 40 years of community activism it took to return these neighborhoods to single family.  Please take the time to contact your city councilmember and ask them to support a ban on STR Hotels in single family zoned neighborhoods.  The intent of the current zoning law is that hotels are prohibited in our neighborhoods which Dallasites worked so hard to get into zoning law years ago.  Don't let them change our laws and commercialize our neighborhoods.   


Dallas loves business!  But not bad business.  Us Dallasites work hard everyday to improve our city through our work and volunteer efforts.  Dallas has always prohibited hotels/ commercial businesses in residential neighborhoods as that is a bad idea.  We Dallasites work hard and deserve to go home to a safe place to rest and spend quality time with our families.  Changing/not enforcing our zoning laws to allow these commercial businesses into our neighborhoods takes that away from us.  It was a bad idea years ago, and it is still a bad idea today.  


Dallas has the largest homeless population in the state of Texas.  With affordable housing being the reason for this, there is no reason to legalize STR Hotels in residential neighborhoods.  Tell City Council to affirm our zoning laws by banning STR Hotels in residential districts.  


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Advertised Parties/ Events During the Pandemic

 Dallas Tax Payers Subsidize STR Hotels

A sample set of 41 randomly selected STR Hotels was analyzed to see the impact on the City of Dallas.  These are the findings:  



Over a period of 7 months, 41 Short Term Rental (STR) Hotels randomly selected cost Dallas TaxPayers ($539,759.27).  These 41 STR Hotels paid $18,765 in HOT Taxes during this time period.  The total overall financial impact to Dallas TaxPayers is an expense of ($520,994). 


Over a span of 12 months, these 41 STR Hotels cost Dallas TaxPayers an estimated $925,000 annually


This data shows us that there is no reason to continue to let STR Hotels break our laws by operating in residentially zoned areas.